Sunday, August 7, 2011

Tweet Tweet Tweet

Greetings, haha!  I have much to share today.  First off, we finally caved in and joined the world of Twitter yesterday, so now you can also follow us there: A List Designs on Twitter.  I have to say, though, Twitter sort of just seems like blogging for people with short attention spans, lol.  However, I'm hoping it will serve as another good marketing tool for us.

Yesterday was actually a pretty productive day.  Not only did we set up our Twitter account, but we also listed a couple more items on Etsy!  Just as a quick reminder, you can click on a pic to order that item. :)

Mom designed these Aqua Chalcedony Aquamarine sterling silver cluster earrings.  They're so glamorous looking, and I can definitely see someone wearing them with formal wear.  I also think they'd look amazing on a bride!

Mom likes to call this Golden Honey Chalcedony & Hessonite Garnet sterling silver necklace her "bunny ears" design, haha.  Out of all the necklaces she's made, this is one of my favorites!

Oh yeah, before I forget, our 4th Youtube video is live!

I had an interesting experience posting that one.  It's the first time Youtube sent me a copyright notification regarding the music I used in the video, eek!  The song is Strict Machine by Goldfrapp, which is owned and licensed by WMG and EMI. That's it for now, but I'll be back soon!  In the meantime, please visit us on Etsy and become a fan on Facebook: A List Designs on Etsy A List Designs on Facebook


  1. Those aquamarine earrings are fabulous! Nicely done. Going to go check out your Twitter page!